About Me!

Hi! Welcome to my blog! You can call me Frankie! I will be posting all things gaming – from my favourites, to detailed reviews, to my personal gaming experiences. I really love playing Nintendo games the most, specifically, The Legend of Zelda series, because I love the whole puzzle, and exploring aspect to it. (Also, please keep in mind I don’t own any XBox’s or Playstations (I do own the PS3 though), so I may not post about them.) But, as much as I love gaming, I also love to exercise my mind in creative ways, such as writing, and making art. On this blog, I will not only be posting about all the above, but I will also be expressing my ideas about random topics, so this blog will also act as a lifestyle blog. Please follow my blog if you want to see more of what I am getting up to, and if you would like to see my recent activities. I hope that all you gamers out there will enjoy this blog, as I enjoy creating it. Below, I have included the inspiring story of how I started gaming. I hope that from it, you can learn something about me. Enjoy! Meow! (And if you couldn’t tell already, I love cats, and my own cat’s name is Frankie.)

– Frankie :3