Hey Pikmin (3DS) – Review

Hey guys! Sorry I have not posted recently, because I have been really busy. But, I’m back with my thoughts about Hey Pikmin! I have fallen in love with this 2D sidescroller ever since I started playing this game, because it a great change that the Pikmin series needed. So, here is what else I thought about it.

Hey Pikmin is a bit different from the other games in the Pikmin series. For instance, in Pikmin 1 and 3, there is a form of pressure put under the player. In Pikmin 1, you have 30 days before your oxygen runs out, and the strange planet’s toxic fumes comes past your space helmet. In Pikmin 3, you can play the game as much as you want without a time limit, but, you need enough collect food to feed all 3 explorers, and eventually, enough to feed everyone on their home planet. What I like about Hey Pikmin is that it doesn’t have a massive form of pressure, which is a change of pace for the series, but it really works in its favour!

In Hey Pikmin, the story is very similar to the other games in the series. A spaceship crashes on an unknown planet filled with treasures, monsters/enemies, and these tiny, and helpful creatures called Pikmin. You have to collect these treasures, which contain Sparklium, which makes the spaceship work again. All the Pikmin games have a similar story, but I think it works in their favour.

The gameplay is very innovative of the Nintendo 3DS hardware, and there are lots of challenging puzzles to solve. The world is filled with puzzles that you have to solve, using all the different types of Pikmin, and capabilities of Captain Olimar at your disposal. For example, use red Pikmin for fire puzzles, and yellow Pikmin to conduct electricity. Blue Pikmin can swim, there are some Pikmin that can fly, and even some that can break through glass! The levels are well though out too, and not to mention, it’s really cute when you a see a animation of some Pikmin.

Overall, this game is amazing! I never expected it to be so addictive and innovative! It’s really fun, yet challenging, and the gameplay is quite interesting. To be honest, I never expected this game to be worthy of what I have mentioned, or worthy of being a proper game in the Pikmin series lineup. However, after playing the first level, I knew my assumptions were definitely wrong! As always, thank you for reading this post. If you enjoyed it, please hit that like button, and comment down below your thoughts on Hey Pikmin. Also, make sure to follow my blog for all things gaming, and lifestyle. Thanks! Meow!

– Frankie ❤


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