Miitopia (3DS) – Review

Miitopia may seem like “just one of those quirky and childish games that Nintendo released”, but it so much more than what it you may think it is! Miitopia has a silly and fun story, awesome gameplay, and it’s just downright entertaining and funny. It is definitely more complex then it looks at first glance, with many new ideas incorporated into it. So, here is what I thought of Miitopia!

In the world of Miitopia, you can use your Mii’s to take a part in the story. You can assign roles, whether they are big or little, and it’s super awesome! Whether they are the Dark Lord, a Villager, or a hero in your team, it’s really cool to see them take on roles and be a part of the story! This interactive element is a great reason why you should buy this game!

The story of Miitopia is that a Dark Lord (of your choice) has stolen lots of Mii’s faces. You, and your team (of your choice), are going to find and defeat the Dark Lord. The story isn’t very complex, but, this game is simple, yet quirky, so this game wouldn’t suit a detailed story anyway. Miitopia’s story flows and unfolds with the game very nicely, yet another reason why you should play this game!

Half the fun of this game is watching the interactions between the hero’s in your team! Whether a Mii is jealous of another Mii’s friendship, if they have a funny conversation, or if a Mii buys a gift for another Mii, it’s really entertaining! The other half of the game is the epic RPG gameplay! Mii’s take turns to attack or heal an enemy or teammate, however, you can only control your Mii. There are also team moves, where Mii’s help each other, whether they are being healed, or getting some extra attack bonus. Often, you will see something quirky happen in battle, or during the level, which is so much fun!

Overall, Miitopia is a great RPG that lets your Mii characters explore and save a whole new world. It’s very quirky, yet fun, and extremely entertaining! As always, thank you for taking the time to read this post! If you enjoyed it, please hit that like button, and follow my blog for all things gaming! Meow!

– Frankie 😸


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