Bullet Journalling For Beginners – The Absolute Start

Hey guys! I started bullet journaling 2 months ago now, and I am addicted! It is a great place to organise your life, and let your creativity flow. It has definitely helped me so much with my goals in life, and just to make my life easier in general. So today, here is my best information for starting a Bullet Journal – and how to do it!

All you need is a pen, pencils/texters, and a notebook! Firstly, you’ll start with making an index. I used 3 pages for mine – and trust me, you’ll fill up your index over time so it is great to leave some space for it. In it, you label the pages you have done in your Bullet Journal and what page they are. It is identical to any index you would find in a book, and super helpful for when you want to complete something, or look back at what you have done in the past.

And then comes your key. You can put symbols for things like events, tasks you have to complete, scheduled, school – related things, you get the point. We will get further into this later.

Next, create a future log. This serves as a year at a glance, and is useful when you need to see what you have later in the year, or month. It can be as simple, or as detailed as you want.

Creating a yearly bucket list and goals page is optional, but I am finding that it is really helping me a lot. And as the year goes by, you can keep on adding, and checking off goals you have on it.

Finally, you have to create your monthly spread, and weekly/daily spreads. You can experiment with them, and see which spreads work for you. For a monthly spread, you can do things like goal setting, a monthly calendar – just make it your own! Do what works for you and your life. Weekly/daily spreads don’t have to be exploding with colour, etc. I’m still trying to find my perfect spreads, and it will take time. In a daily/weekly spread, you write your tasks that you have to complete, then you can mark them off. This is where your key comes in handy, so you can organise your tasks further.

Bullet Journals can also has lots of miscellaneous pages, where you can do whatever you want! Like organise a event, track your habits, and make collections, etc. I hope that you learnt something about Bullet Journaling, and decide to start one! Just remember that in the beginning, it doesn’t have to be complex, in fact, I started a Bullet Journal before the one I currently have, and I hated it! It looked so horrible, and I didn’t want to use it, mainly because I made it too complex! Just remember that in the start of your Bullet Journaling adventure, make it simple, and when you get used to it, gradually add more and more – then you will become a Bullet Journal master!

As always, thank you for reading this post, if you enjoyed it, please like it and comment down below what you have learnt about Bullet Journaling, and any thoughts and questions you may have – as I would love to answer them! Also, make sure to follow my blog for all things gaming and lifestyle! Meow!

– Frankie :3


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