Cats vs Dogs – A Crazy Cat Lady’s Point Of View

If you have ever met me, you will know that I am a crazy cat lady! My own little angel’s name is Frankie, and he is a ragdoll cat. Cats are literally the best animal ever, ideal for people who love cuddles, and have busy schedules. Cats vs Dogs is the debate of all time, so today, I will be experessing to you why you have to get a Kitty!

Firstly, lets talk about the money it requires to own a pet. Dog = too much! Cat = Cheaper, and a very reasonable price. You don’t have to buy any crappy things that are a waste if money, like a leash, lots of toys, beds, expensive food, e.t.c. 

It has also been scientifically proven that Cat owners are smarter than Dog owners. And, we have a reduced chance of getting a heart attack, and dying from one. Because of the beneficial radiation that Cats produce when they purr, it not only improves your heart, but your bones get stronger too!

Cats are great because they don’t require lots of care. They clean themselves, while sleeping and eating all day. If you have a job away from home, or your just not home all day, Cats are perfect for you! Also, if you are as lazy as I am, the good new is that you don’t wave to walk Cats!

One reason I feel like Cats are under – appreciated is because people (in particular, Dog people) says Cats don’t give you love and that they are boring, fat, lazy, and stupid. Well, you’d be happy to know, although people stereotype Cats like that, it’s completely false! Cats will always love you, and they give you the best hugs! They also do not sleep and do nothing all day, if they did, how would people to be able to record those funny Cat videos on YouTube, or make Cat memes?

And finally, if that’s not enough to convince you, look back on History. Ancient Egyptians used to worship Cats and treat them like Gods. They even buried them, and mummified them because of their importance. I don’t blame them, who can resist a cute Cat purr? 

Cats are the best creatures in the universe – because of their unconditional love, care, and adorablness. As always, thanks for dedicated your time to read his post. If you enjoyed it, please like it. Comment below what you think about this grand debate, and follow my blog for more gaming and lifestyle related posts. Meow!

– Frankie :3


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