Splatnet (Nintendo Switch Online App) – Review

The Nintendo Switch Online App was released along with the glorious game Splatoon 2. This app contains Splatnet, an area where you can do things like review your last 50 battles, buy exclusive gear, talk to your teammates during a match, and so much more! I have found it very helpful, so today, I wanted to talk about it more deeply.

When you first get into the Splatnet area on the Nintendo Switch Online app, you will see a home page. First, appears your stats, which include your level, ranks, and overall turf covered. Also, your currently equipped weapon and gear can be seen, along with their abilities. Next, if there is a Splatfest on, there is an area where you can see what team you and your friends chose, and when the Splatfest will occur. The current stages can also be currently seen. Then there is any weapons you haven’t bought yet, and your last 4 battles at a quick glance. You can see if Salmon Run is on, what time it ends, and what the monthly gear item is. There is an exclusive gear shop, where you can buy gear of course, and you can see your lifetime inkage compared to other large monuments in the world.

If you tap on any of those areas on the home page, you will get a full screen with more detail about them. There is a separate page for current, and battle stages in the future, for all modes. So you can see when you want to play Splatoon, if you want it on a certain map. There is also another page dedicated to Stage, Legaue Battle, Agent 4, and Weapon stats. Its nice to look back at these, to see how far you have come with the game.

The final main page is for your last 50 battles. You can review how much turf you and your team, and opposition inked. As long with your equipped weapon, and gear. You can also see how many times each player, got splatted, splatter someone, and activated their special. It’s helpful to discover your gameplay style, and review matches to see why you won or lost. However, it would of been even more helpful if you could watch replays of your match. So you could improve your tactics even more. There’s an idea for a future update, Nintendo!

The final thing I want to cover is the voice chat. You can only chat to your friends, and teammates. It’s a big laggy, and quiet, so it’s kind of hard to hear through. However, I’m sure those lumps can be ironed out somehow. It is extremely useful to be able to chat with your friends, because you can alert each other, strategise, and think together to help lead your team to an ambush!

Overall, Splatnet is a great and useful area in the Nintendo Switch Online App. In 2018, when you do have to pay to use the services of this app, I don’t think it’s worth it so far. It wasn’t bad, but hasn’t wowed me yet. Unless Nintendo expands this app, I don’t think I’m going to keep it, unfortanetly. As always, thank you for reading this post! If you enjoyed it, please smash the like button! Feel free to comment below your thoughts and experiences with this app, and make sure to follow this blog, for all things gaming and lifestyle. Meow!

– Frankie :3


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