Fin – Fun Mermaid Tail Review

Towards the end of last Summer, I bought a Fin – Fun mermaid tail. Fin – Fun Mermaid Tails are swimmable mermaid tails, and they started the beginning of this Mermaid trend. I chose the colour Zoey’s Aussie Green. It was so fun, comfortable, and easy to use. However, I still had some mixed feelings about it. So today, I decided to share with you all what I thought about my Fin – Fin mermaid tail!

When I first received my mermaid tail, I was in owe! It was so beautiful, and hadn’t been damaged on the way to my house. The pattern looked realistic, because all the scales had contrast to each other. Also, the tail design had a watery affect to it, which I loved! It only adds to how amazing you look when you swim in the water – and how realistic you look too! One day I went swimming in a public pool, and I remember people just staring at me, one boy was even trying to swim after me! Especially when little kids saw me, they thought I was real – you could hear them say “Look Mum, it’s a Mermaid!” That honestly made my day!

On the other hand however, I wasn’t so impressed with the durability of my Mermaid Tail. The fabric wore down easily, after a few swims, my tail already has holes in it. Maybe that’s because of how rough my pool is, but I doubt that highly. The Monofin’s foot pockets stretch out after a bit too, which makes it looser, and easier to fall off. The elastic that keeps the Tail on your waist wasn’t great either. I feel like if I swam in it too much, it would stretch out more, and fall off. However, Fin – Fun has now released some new mermaid tail tip protectors, which I will definitely try next Summer. So far, the reviews on them have all been positive, so I hope they work!

Fin – Fun mermaid tails are very comfortable. You don’t feel like your legs are bound together, in fact, I actually found it easier to swim with the fabric tail and the monofin on. They work together, making you swim stronger and faster. You will literally fly through the water! But gracefully, of course! Fin – Fun also has an extremely large variety of Tails to choose from. They are all equally beautiful, too. They also have a few different size groups, for the fabric tails, and monofins – they are very accurate!

Overall, you should definitely buy a Fin – Fun Mermaid Tail! It will make your childhood dreams come true, and people will be in awe! I wasn’t so impressed by how much money I had to pay for my tail ($200 Australian dollars to be exact.) But that’s only because things are expensive where I live. Thank you for reading this post! If you enjoyed it, please like it, and comment be,ow your thought and opinions! Also, make sure to follow my blog for more lifestyle and gaming content. Thanks, and Meow!

– Frankie :3


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