The Hunger Games – Book Review

Last month, I read, and finished the Hunger Games Series. Honestly, I loved it so much, and I am still addicted, and seriously fangirling over it. I can’t believe that I put off until this moment to read it. Suzanne Collins is clearly such a talented writer, with lots of ideas up her sleeve. I am still trying to convince my friends to read the series, so today, I decided I wanted to tell you all about it, because the Hunger Games is so amazing!

“In penance for their uprising, each district shall offer up a male and a female between the ages of 12 and 18 at a public “Reaping.” These tributes shall be delivered to the custody of the Capitol. And then transferred to a public arena where they must Fight to the Death until a lone victor remains. Henceforth and forevermore this pageant shall be know as The Hunger Games.” The Capitol controls the 12 districts, and make them suffer. The Hunger Games acts as a reality television show for the Capitol, everyone has to watch it, even in the districts. Random children, and families have to suffer every year. But, when Katniss Everdeen’s 12 year old sister gets reaped, Katniss took action, and changed the world forever.

I always get hooked on excellent, emotional, action – packed stories. That is what the Hunger Games is, and so much more. The story concept is extremely unique, and a new idea. Personally, I think that is a huge part of why it is so amazing! The story also flows nicely. One event leads to the next, and it’s very clear what is happening and when. A problem I often find with books that have a unique, and adventurous concept is that they don’t flow well. So, those books compared to The Hunger Games – well, there is no competition whatsoever! Hunger Games wins!

And, may I say, the language used in The Hunger Games is extraordinary! Suzanne Collins writes the series in Katniss’ point of view. She captured Katniss’ deep thoughts, and feelings outstandingly, as well as making sure everything makes sense. It is always hard to write a story in first – person, because it is quite hard to capture certain events, and feeling of the character. The Hunger Games is one of those stories that makes you feel like you exist in that world, with everything taking place around you. The Hunger Games reflects Suzanne Collins’ creativity and imaginative mind set.

So overall, if you are looking for an AWESOME book series to read, you have to read The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins. It will make you feel all types of emotions, and will definitely help develop and expand your writing knowledge became of the great writing in this series. It is an action – packed story, which is particularly great, because you can watch the characters grow up, and see how they grow physically, and emotionally. Thank you for reading this post, and if you enjoyed it, make sure to like it. Also, comment below if you have read The Hunger Games, and if you enjoyed it. Follow my Blog, for more posts like this. I hope you have a great day! Meow!

– Frankie 😸


4 thoughts on “The Hunger Games – Book Review

  1. Nice post! I love The Hunger Games books too; I read them all in the space of 1-2 days! The stories completely hooked me in, and I agree with so much of what you’ve said. Still don’t own my own copies of the books though 😦


    1. Thanks! I’m so glad I found some people who love The Hunger Games as much as I do! And when you get your own copy of The Hunger Games set, I promise, it will definitely be worth it! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s been quite a while since I read these books. I guess it’s time I create a “reread”-shelf, even though I can hardly fight my TBR of growing higher and higher, haha.
    But you’re right, these books are most definitely worth reading!


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