Splatoon 2 (Nintendo Switch) – Review

Finally, the long awaited sequel of Splatoon, has been released! Splatoon 2 is such an epic, action – packed, and colourful game. It has all the award – winning features of the original game. To add even further, it has lots of new weapons, stages to battle on, and  multiple modes. Even a new app, Nintendo Online, enhances the game experience by being able to look at your last 50 battles, buy new gear, see your lifetime inkage, and so much more. Splatoon 2 costs around $70 Australian dollars, which is an excellent price for the quality of this game. The whole world has fallen in love with this fun and addictive game. Here is what I thought about it!

Splatoon 2 may have lots of new content in it, but it still has what modes made it a star in the beginning – Turf Wars, Ranked Battles, Tower Control, Splat Zones, and Rainmaker. The two new modes that have come out are Salmon Run, and a new single player adventure. My favourite mode is Salmon Run, although all the others come very close. It is my favourite because of the fact that you have to work as a team, and it encourages you to play with weapons that you would never play with by yourself.

Salmon Run, a fun new mode that keeps you on your toes, is a game in which which a team of 4 try to collect Golden Eggs from Boss Salmon. There is a certain quota you have to meet, before time runs out. And, if your whole team gets splatted, you lose. This adds a great amount of difficulty to the game, which can only make it more entertaining! There are also more varieties of Salmon, that range from big, to little. However, many people have become upset about the fact that Salmon Run isn’t available to play all the time. After you play a few rounds, and win, you can collect awesome rewards, such as exclusive gear, coins, and more. This only adds to the splat – tastic Salmon Run experience.

There is also a new single player mode, with new stages, weapons, bosses, and story. I like how the ink in this mode has a sparkly effect to it. The story is that Callie (from the Squid Sisters) and the Great Zapfish are missing. Marie (from the Squid Sisters) needs help, to defeat the powerful Octolings, to find Callie and the Great Zapfish. There are many levels to play, and many fun, unique weapons to play them with. It’s a effective way to improve your skills with different weapons, so you can be at the top when playing Turf Wars, and Ranked Battles, and Salmon Run.

There is a Weapon shop, Shoe shop, Clothes shop, and Hat shop. There, you can buy different gear items, to equip, making your Inkling character even more powerful, because of the all – new abilities they grant. Murch, is the new location where you unlock and change abilities of your gear. Crusty Sean’s food truck is where you buy delicious – looking food and drinks, which can multiply your total experience, or coins after a match. You can increase a certain ability too by buying a drink. It’s super helpful if you need some help in a match! Finally, there is a minigame where you can choose a splat – arific soundtrack and match button presses to the catchy beat.

This game definitely didn’t disappoint me. The best part is, Nintendo is still updating the game often! I love it so much, with all the action re – vamped, and the new content too, you just can’t beat the awesomeness. It is one of those games that is rated almost perfectly, and critically acclaimed. If you haven’t already, just buy this game, NOW! As always, thank you for reading this post, if you enjoyed it, please like this post, and comment down below your thoughts about Splatoon 2, and what game I should review next. Make sure to follow my blog, for more content like this, and have an splat – tastic day! Meow, and enjoy!

– Frankie >.<


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