Frankie’s Guide To Life: 2 – How To Prepare For Back To Middle School!

Yes. It’s that time of year again. Time to go back to school! Although this wonderful time of the year is assumed to be bad, with these handy tips, I guarantee your time back at school will fly by, until it’s holidays again!

What To Pack In Your Pencial Case:

You’d honestly be surprised how many people actually forget certain things in their pencial case. You should always have scissors, glue, white – out, red, blue, and black pens, pencials, erasers, sharpeners, highlighters, earbuds, and a calculator. Also, I found these amazing erasable pens last year, and they are a life – saver. They are by Pilot, and they are friction ball – point erasable pens. On the opposite end of the pen tip, there is this rubber material, which you rub on ink from this pen, and it magically erases! Also, sometimes you will get stuck in a boring class, or you just may have forgotten a school diary to write your homework in. So, test the pens in your pencial case, and make sure you can write and draw with them on your skin. Sometimes you might have to note something, or just draw because your bored, it really works though, I promise.

Always Have With You:

There are two types of things you need to keep with you every day in Middle School. Things you need for class, and things that will make your life easier. Firstly, always have a copy of your schedule, it should contain your classroom, subject, and teacher. Also, wear a watch, so you are never late, and have some sort of diary, so you can write down homework. Have a ruler, books for your classes, pencial case, and your school laptop (if you have one.) And, a note for girls, in a pocket in your bag somewhere, always keep a little bag with pads or tampons in it. You never know.

Tips And Tricks:

Lastly, here are my best tips and tricks! Have you ever tried using a bag to carry your books and belongings around? It’s very helpful, and saves you from dropping things while you are climbing up the stairs. Dedicate the back of your school books and transform them into note – taking pages. Teachers always say lots of things, and expect you to remember them. This will definitely help. Also, have folders for your different subjects, put in your writing book, and any papers that your teachers give to you. In your locker, get book holders for easier, cleaner, and nicer looking storage. Put your schedule on your locker door, and always have one in your school diary. Add a hook to your locker door, to hang up things like hats, or your lock when not in use.

I hope this guide was helpful, because I guarantee it will make your time in middle school easier. Although you may not want to go back to school, you should be thankful for your education, because some people don’t even have one. Thank you for reading this post, and if you liked it, leave a like, also, comment down below any tips you have for back to school, and any questions you have. Follow this blog for more things like this, and I hope you have a great day. Meow!

– Frankie 😸


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