Gaming 101: How to become a Gamer for Beginners – Consoles And Gaming Devices

Recently, I was surprised by a few of my friends, because they told me they wanted to start gaming. And of course, they came to the only person they know who loves and has any knowledge of gaming – me. The also told me that I should write about it in my gaming blog. So, I became inspired, and decided to start this Gaming 101 – How to become a Gamer for Beginners series. I hope you can learn something from my experiences and advice, and decide to start this wonderful hobby.

Today’s topic is Consoles. What should I buy if I’m just starting out? What should I get for my family, so they can play with me? There are lots of different consoles, that suit different needs, and have different games on them. At first, it’s hard to choose what to buy.

For beginners, or for anyone, I definitely recommend the Nintendo 3DS. There are several different types of games that have come out for it, and they are still coming out currently. Nintendo made a very durable, and portable console. It doesn’t lag, and the control buttons and circle pad feel great on the fingers. The 3DS fits in hands perfectly, too. It’s also compatible with DS games, if you have any, or find any of interest. You can buy multiple accessories, like stylus’, carrying cases, screen protectors, decorative plates to put on the exterior of the 3DS, and more. It is also greatly priced for its quality. I got my New Nintendo 3DS XL for around $240 Australian Dollars, but that prince will change depending on where you live, and where you want to buy the console from, whether it’s from EBay, or some gaming shop.

If you want a console that you can play with your family on, you should either get the Nintendo Switch, or the Nintendo Wii U. The Wii U has multiple games, but recently, the Switch came out, to take its place. There are lots of multiplayer, and party games for the Wii U, as well as some great single – player games too. On the other hand, the Switch doesn’t have many games out yet, but it is portable, and can become a TV console. So, you can play multiplayer on the go! Both consoles are great, and affordable. I got my Nintendo Switch for around $470 Australian Dollars, and again, the price will vary. The Wii U is an older console, so you can find it for cheaper, at Target in Australian money it is $180.

For teenagers, and older people, you should get a PS4, or XBox. I haven’t had much experience with these consoles, but they both have many games, that are rated differently, depending on what game you want. The games you will find on the market, are for intense gamers, you might find things targeted towards younger audiences, or things for adults and teenagers. These consoles are great for online multiplayer, too, as most of the games released for them support online multiplayer. Overall, great consoles, nice price. An XBox In Australian money is close to $400, while the PS4 is also roughly $400. Prices will vary, also depending on how much storage you want in the console.

I hope you could take something away from my experiences with these consoles, and choose the right one for you. Thank you for reading this post. If you liked it, make sure to like it, and comment below your thoughts and opinions. And, follow this blog for all things gaming. Have a great day! Meow!

– Frankie


9 thoughts on “Gaming 101: How to become a Gamer for Beginners – Consoles And Gaming Devices

    1. Well, I always recommend Mirrors Edge: Catalyst. It has a awesome story, and gameplay. Another piece of advice from me is to check out a gaming shops (like EB Games) and search the PS4 section, or look at new releases on their websites. And, watch YouTube! Half the time, I will find gameplay on a game I have not got, and I will want it! Thanks for your thoughts!


  1. The biggest barrier to entry in regards to gaming is definitely the price. Modern consoles are rarely going to cost less than a couple hundred bucks, and there always going to be required add ons.That said, the value and fun that comes afterwards is well worth it, particularly for families.


    1. There is not much out for the Nintendo Switch quite yet, but Splatoon 2 is coming out tomorrow, it is an awesome game for beginners. I also recommend Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, not only is it a single player game, but you can play multiplayer, anywhere. Another great party/multiplayer game is 1 2 Switch, and you can check out my review on that for more information. I don’t own a PS4, but I have played some games on my friend’s PS4. I really loved the single – player game, Mirror’s Edge: Catalast, I also loved the multiplayer game, Rocket League. Skylanders was awesome too.


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