Gaming 101 – Budgeting

A SPECIAL NOTE: Hey guys! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting again for a while, I’ve been super busy again. But luckily, I have gotten all those things I’ve needed to get done out of the way – so I’m back with a bang, with another Gaming 101 post! You guys absolutely loved the last […]

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Hey Pikmin (3DS) – Review

Hey guys! Sorry I have not posted recently, because I have been really busy. But, I’m back with my thoughts about Hey Pikmin! I have fallen in love with this 2D sidescroller ever since I started playing this game, because it a great change that the Pikmin series needed. So, here is what else I […]

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Miitopia (3DS) – Review

Miitopia may seem like “just one of those quirky and childish games that Nintendo released”, but it so much more than what it you may think it is! Miitopia has a silly and fun story, awesome gameplay, and it’s just downright entertaining and funny. It is definitely more complex then it looks at first glance, […]

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Fin – Fun Mermaid Tail Review

Towards the end of last Summer, I bought a Fin – Fun mermaid tail. Fin – Fun Mermaid Tails are swimmable mermaid tails, and they started the beginning of this Mermaid trend. I chose the colour Zoey’s Aussie Green. It was so fun, comfortable, and easy to use. However, I still had some mixed feelings […]

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The Hunger Games – Book Review

Last month, I read, and finished the Hunger Games Series. Honestly, I loved it so much, and I am still addicted, and seriously fangirling over it. I can’t believe that I put off until this moment to read it. Suzanne Collins is clearly such a talented writer, with lots of ideas up her sleeve. I […]

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